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Rugby Borough Council election results - 4 May 2023

Election results

The count for the Rugby Borough Council elections takes place at the Benn Hall today (Friday 5 May).

2.39pm - Revel and Binley Woods declaration - Conservative hold

2.38pm - Paddox declaration - Lib Dem hold

2.14pm - Average turnout at the Rugby Borough Council elections: 33%

2.01pm - Rokeby and Overslade declaration - Lib Dem hold

1.50pm - Bilton declaration - Conservative hold

1.41pm - Dunsmore declaration - Conservative hold

1.39pm - Benn declaration - Labour hold

1.37pm - New Bilton declaration - Labour hold

1.25pm - Admirals and Cawston declaration - Labour gain

1.03pm - Hillmorton declaration - Conservative hold

1.01pm - Eastlands declaration - Lib Dem hold

12.59pm - Wolston and The Lawfords declaration - Conservative hold

12.57pm - Leam Valley declaration - Conservative hold

12.36pm - Newbold and Brownsover declaration - Labour hold

12.27pm - Coton and Boughton declaration - Labour gain

Admirals and Cawston
Coton and Boughton
Leam Valley
New Bilton
Newbold and Brownsover
Revel and Binley Woods
Rokeby and Overslade
Wolston and The Lawfords


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