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Election staff

Poll clerk

Poll clerks assist the Presiding Officer in the conduct of the ballot in the polling stations.

The role

To assist the Presiding Officer in carrying out the following:

  • comply with any instructions from the Returning Officer
  • ensure all electors are treated impartially and with respect
  • maintain the secrecy of the ballot


Before Election Day:

  • complete training sessions and, where requested, attend briefings provided by the Electoral Services office

Election Day:

Assist the Presiding Officer to carry out the following:

  • erect polling booths (involves lifting)
  • prepare the polling station for the opening of poll
  • keep the polling station neat and tidy
  • check and mark electors’ electoral numbers in the register of electors and on the corresponding numbers lists. Issue ballot papers to voters
  • ensure voters cast votes in secret and put ballot papers into the correct ballot box
  • be polite and professional when dealing with all visitors to the polling station and remain impartial at all times
  • any other polling station duties, as instructed by Presiding Officer

Close of Poll:

  • help in the dismantling of the polling station and ensure the building is returned to good order.

Poll clerks work a 16-hour day, so you must provide your own refreshments and take appropriate breaks throughout the day to avoid tiredness. Polling station staff cannot leave the premises during hours of poll. 

The Returning Officer cannot employ anyone who is/or has carried out duties on behalf of any political party or candidate at the election. 

All staff will be required to sign an agreement to maintain the secrecy of the poll.

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