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Becoming carbon neutral

Climate survey

The following survey seeks to further understand Rugby residents’ perceptions on climate change, what residents can do to help tackle climate change and how the council can help to support residents in the shift to a net zero future.

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In 2019 the UK Parliament set a commitment in law to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.  Rugby wants to do everything it can to help reduce carbon emissions and help to achieve this national target and the Climate Strategy is the first step in this process.  Achieving net zero will involve many changes to the way we currently do things – such as the way we heat our homes, the type of transport we use, how we build our homes and buildings, how we value nature and the food that we eat.

In order to tackle climate change, scientists and the Climate Change Committee (the Government’s independent advisers on climate change) have said that people will have a crucial role in delivering net zero and that it will be crucial for governments (local and national) to inform, engage and involve people in the transition to a low carbon and climate resilient economy at an early stage of the process.

Achieving net zero carbon emissions will require a communal effort with everyone involve working together and we’re keen for the general public to work alongside the council and businesses in taking action. Part of the Council’s Climate Change Strategy will seek to support residents to make the changes which they would like to, in order to support addressing the climate emergency. It will also be really important for people to have access to trusted information so that they are able to understand and consider the options available and to be aware of the many benefits and opportunities that can come from a net zero future.

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