If you don't pay your council tax bill

Enforcement agents

We can pass your account to enforcement agents to collect the debt on our behalf. If this happens you will be charged extra fees, which can be considerable. These fees are set out in the Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014.

If you are unable to pay the outstanding debt in full, the enforcement agent has three options;

  1. Make a walking possession agreement with you. This means your goods will not be removed so long as you meet the payment arrangement made with the bailiff.
  2. Make a close possession agreement with you. This means the bailiff will stay on your premises until you pay or the goods are removed for sale
  3. They can remove goods with a view to selling them at public auction.

The council uses Bristow and Sutor as its enforcement agents.


Our enforcement agents can charge the following fees:

 Fee stage  Fixed fee  Per cent fee on debt over £1500
 Compliance stage £75   0%
 Enforcement stage £235   7.5%
 Sale or disposal £110   7.5%

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