If you don't pay your council tax bill

Reminders and liability orders

If you miss a council tax payment you will be sent a reminder notice asking you to bring your payments up to date within seven days.

If you do not do so within the time, or if you fall behind with your payments again, we will issue you with a final notice.

The final notice will require you to pay the full balance outstanding for the remainder of the year within seven days. If the balance is not paid, a summons to appear before a magistrate's court will be issued. This will cost you £100.

If you receive a summons, you can still make an arrangement to pay the balance outstanding. This arrangement will usually be made on the basis that the balance should be cleared within the current financial year. You do not need to appear at court, unless you wish to dispute the issue of the summons. Defences against the issue may be that you are not liable to the charge.

At court, we will ask the magistrates to award us a Liability Order. We can then demand certain information from you about your employment and earnings to determine the most appropriate course of action should you still not pay.

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