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Industrial action

Industrial action between 26 April and 15 June 2022 is impacting bin collections, recycling and street cleaning.

Details of service changes

Discretionary awards

Extra help with paying your rent and council tax

The council has a limited amount of money to provide extra help to pay your rent or council tax. These are discretionary awards made by the council and do not form part of your benefit entitlement.

This discretionary support is for a short-period (normally up to three months) and is intended to help you adjust to a change in your circumstances or to meet a short-term issue. The awards have replaced income support loans.

We may be able to offer extra help when you're living in a home that is larger than you require and you are looking to move, or there are special circumstances that mean you cannot move.

We may also be able to offer extra help when you are working and having to face increased costs for travel to and from work.

Normally we would not provide extra help to clear arrears that have built up over a period of time.

Each case is dealt with on an individual basis and therefore you must give as much information as possible when you make a request for discretionary support.

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