Carrying controlled waste

Waste transfer notes

A waste transfer note must be completed, signed and kept by anyone who gives waste to anyone else. It is against the law not to keep these records. The note must include:

  • a written description of the waste being passed on;
  • a specific code that describes the waste (see "waste codes" section below);
  • how the waste is contained, such as in a drum or skip;
  • the amount of waste;
  • the name of the person taking the waste and their status, for example, registered waste carrier; and
  • the address where the waste was transferred.

You will need to provide your own waste transfer notes but details of what you need to cover are on the Environment Agency website

You must keep a copy of all transfer notes for two years. We may ask to inspect them at any time during the two-year period.

Failure to produce a waste transfer note on request could lead to prosecution or a fixed penalty charge of £300.

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