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Garden waste collection service

Why this service?

We didn't receive any income from the original green bin service provided free at the point of use. With changes to how councils are funded, we have had to find new sources of income or reduce the services we provide.

We don't have to collect garden waste at all, but our garden waste collection service allows us to continue to provide a service to residents who want it.

The Warwickshire Waste Partnership is looking to reduce the overall amount of waste collected and to encourage residents to move waste up the "waste hierarchy". This means that we will prioritise waste reduction, then reusing waste, and then recycling whatever waste cannot be eliminated or reused.

Home composting is the best way to deal with garden waste and, where appropriate, food waste. We hope that the new service will encourage residents to home compost as well as or instead of subscribing.

Waste composition data from the Warwickshire Waste Partnership shows that, since the garden waste collection service was introduced, the total amount of waste produced by residents in Rugby has reduced faster than anywhere else in the county. The amount of waste that residents put into the wrong waste collection bin remains very low.

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