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South West Rugby


Key pieces of highway infrastructure are to be delivered as part of the South West Rugby development including the Homestead Link and the Potsford Dam Link.  These mitigation measures were identified in the transport modelling work prepared for the Local Plan and are requirements of Policies DS8 and DS9 in the Local Plan.  Detailed work is ongoing with the County Council on the design and implementation of this infrastructure.

The Homestead Link will minimise impacts on the existing highway network and relive pressure on other areas, in particular the Dunchurch Crossroads.

The Homestead Link investment has been secured and work is underway on preparing the planning application for submission later this year.

High quality public transport services to the town centre and a comprehensive walking and cycling network to link residential areas with key facilities on site will also be provided. Work is underway with the County Council to identify the bus services required as well as the new cycling and walking routes and infrastructure.  Appendix K of the SPD includes costs for the bus services and the cycling network improvements. The primary cycling routes are also listed in Appendix K.

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