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Ivy Grange, Rugby

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-Spring Bulbs
-Butter Cross


Bilton Greens, situated next to Assheton Recreation Ground, form the heart of this attractive Warwickshire village. Bilton is now incorporated into the ever-expanding town of Rugby, although it still maintains its charm and its unique sense of serene village life.

The village greens at Bilton are ancient and include a butter cross and stocks. The stocks were sold in 1888 and were kept in a museum until 1954 when they were reinstated on the Greens and where they can still be seen today. The old butter cross, which can also be still seen on the Greens is thought to be where people would leave food for plague victims to avoid contact with the disease themselves. The cross is very similar to another butter cross on Hillmorton Village Greens, just east of Bilton.

Bilton was actually the start of the best-kept village competition, its creator Edvyn Walker who lived in the village.

Bulbs are planted annually on the greens by local schools, thus helping to introduce the local children to a sense of pride, ownership and respect for the environment in which they live, whilst witnessing the results of their labour as the bulbs grow. Such projects help keep the village looking nice, whilst enabling the community to be more engaged in their surroundings.

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