Corporate strategy 2017-2020

Proud of our past, fit for the future

This corporate strategy sets out our priorities for the next three years. It doesn’t list all of the council’s activity or everything that we will do, but describes our primary aims for our residents and businesses.

In putting together this strategy we have reviewed our “clean, green and safe” strapline. We will always want to make sure that our borough is clean, green and safe, but with continued success in the regional and national “in bloom” competitions and a generally reducing crime rate, for example, we have found that this strapline no longer helps us to set our priorities.

A key issue facing our residents and businesses is undoubtedly around facilitating physical and economic growth, while protecting the essential characteristics that make our borough our home.

Our new strapline, “proud of our past, fit for the future,” will help us to focus on providing facilities and growth that give us a strong and prosperous future while preserving and celebrating the best of our past.

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