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Becoming carbon neutral

The council adopted a motion to declare a climate emergency at its meeting held on 18 July 2019 and we have now launched a dedicated website to document our work to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Visit the Rugby Net Zero website

Climate emergency working group

The council has convened a climate emergency working group consisting of Cllrs Howard Roberts, Emma Crane, Ian Picker, Barbara Brown, Mike Brader, Jerry Roodhouse and Craig McQueen.

Declaration of a climate emergency

The climate emergency motion stated:

Rugby Borough Council:

  • Notes the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ‘Special Report on Global Warming’ (2018) and The Committee on Climate Change’s report ‘Net Zero – the UK’s contribution to stopping global warming’ (May 2019);
  • Recognises the importance of this issue and the role which it has in responding to climate change; 
  • Recognises the significant progress which has already been made through initiatives such as the Rugby Borough Council Carbon Management Plan (2012); 
  • Notes that the UK Parliament and numerous councils across the UK have declared a climate emergency, and in doing so, have committed to action to combat climate change.

 This Council therefore declares a climate emergency and in doing so, commits to:

  •  Establishing a cross party working group to advise on the actions and timescales required to make the Council’s activities carbon neutral by 2030. The working group will report initial findings and recommendations back to Cabinet within 6 months;
  • Engaging with partner councils (specifically Warwickshire County Council and Warwickshire’s 5 District and Borough Councils), local businesses, environmental groups and residents to inform our future actions;
  • Where required, call on Government to provide the powers and resources to enable Rugby Borough Council to help deliver the UK’s carbon reduction targets.  

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