Redding Collection - a snapshot in time

Can you help us identify people in the photos?

Photo of Linval and Clarice Angel looking at Redding Collection photos

Linval and Clarice Angel are leafing through files of the Redding Photographic Collection on display in the foyer of Rugby Art Gallery and Museum from 7th August to 9th Sept.

‘We had our picture taken at Redding Studios when our first child was 6 months old. The photo's still in our family album,’ says Linval. ‘Oh yes, we dressed up for the occasion, smart casual, you might say. I was wearing a black polka-dot shirt…’
‘Your posh shirt,’ smiles Clarice, ‘and I wore a smart green and white suit. We sent a copy of the photo to family back in Jamaica.’
That baby is now aged 42.

The conversation is bringing back memories for Linval. ‘The 70s was for me the best decade,’ he says. ‘As youngsters, we were very fashion conscious. My suit was made to measure at Burtons. We were the trendsetters!’ These moments  were captured in the Redding Studio, at a time before smartphones, when cameras and film were expensive, and taking a photograph was a special occasion, rather than an everyday event. Linval shows me a photograph of two handsome young men, his brother Wilbert, with his friend George. 

But a sad story emerges from the pages of the Redding Collection too. Sadly Wilbert later died young in an accident in 1973. His body was taken back to Jamaica for burial. 'He was very popular,' remembers Linval. 'Everybody liked him.'

Photo of Linval Angel showing Redding Collection photo of his brother Wilbert

The Redding Collection comprises around 25,000 glass slides from the photography studio which flourished in Church Street, Rugby in the mid 20 Century. RAGM’s collection spans the years 1958 – 1972, and we are keen to identify more of the people in the photographs. Might you recognise anyone? Come and have a look.


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