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Rugby Health Walks

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  • 10am - West Indian Walk Association, St Peters Road, Rugby - Weekly
  • 11am - Stretton-on-Dunsmore Walks, Shoulder of Mutton Pub - Weekly

(Stretton-on-Dunsmore walks start at the Shoulder of Mutton and take place weekly in February, April, June, August, October and December)


  • 9.15am - Brownsover Buggy/Health Walks, Boughton Leigh Children's Centre - Weekly
  • 2pm - Dunchurch Community Walks, The Green Man Monument, Dunchurch - Weekly


  • 9.15am - Long Lawford Walk and Talk, Lawford Children's Centre, Long Lawford - Weekly


  • 10am - Bilton and Cawston Strollers, Mosaic Coffee Shop, Bilton - Weekly
  • 10.30am - Dunchurch Community Walks, The Green Man Monument, Dunchurch - Weekly
  • 10.30am - Rugby Hindu Temple Walks, Hindu Temple, Kimberley Road, Rugby - Weekly


  • 10.30am - Dunchurch Community Walks, The Green Man Monument, Dunchurch - Monthly (1st Sunday of every month)
  • 11.30am - Newbold Community Walk, The Newbold Crown, Newbold - Weekly

Contact details

For further details on these walks please contact Katie May, Family Lifestyle Officer on 01788 533721 or email

For walks in other areas as part of the Walking for Health scheme, please refer to, as well as further information on the above walks.

Rugby Ramblers

Rugby Ramblers - at the heart of walkingRugby Ramblers walks programme includes walks ranging from 4 to 20 miles to suit most abilities.

We have a walk every Sunday, one week a 7 mile or 9 mile walk and the alternate week 12 and 15 mile walks available.

In the summer (from May to August) we have Wednesday evening walks which are 4 or 5 miles long.

Occasionally there will be a 4 mile walk on a Sunday afternoon and a couple of these will be promoted as family friendly walks.

Once a month we have a Saturday walk usually a 7 or 9 mile length.

Twice a month Rugby Ramblers have a midweek walk alternating between a Tuesday and a Thursday. They can vary, from 7 to 11 miles.

Anyone interested in joining would receive our comprehensive walks programme.

Contact details:

Fran Debonnaire Publicity Officer for Rugby Ramblers tel 01788 815484.

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