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Non-Domestic Rates (Business Rates)

Business Rates Credits

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business rates icon 120x120The council updates its list of credits on Business Rate accounts every quarter.

The data only shows company name, property address, credit amount and the year/years the credit is related.

Credits are only included where the ratepayer can be identified from our records as being a company. The property address is the last contact address held on the Business Rate records.

Account references are not included as these are personal to the account, and are used to ensure a ratepayer is actually the account holder when they contact the council. Accounts can cover multiple properties, and credits are held at account level.

If you paid rates to Rugby Borough Council as a sole trader or partnership, and believe you may have left a credit account, then please contact us by calling (01788) 533498 or email

You will need to provide documentation showing you were a ratepayer.

The council does try to refund credits, especially where they result from a change in rateable value or occupation.