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Applying for Council Housing

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Instead of different waiting lists, the council works with housing associations in Rugby to produce a Common Housing Register.

Eligible applicants only have to fill in one application form to be considered for housing by the council or a housing association operating in Rugby.

Who Can Join the Common Housing Register?

The council operates a waiting list system, with applicants at the top of the list offered vacant properties. A banding system determines the applicant's housing priority. An applicant does not have to accept an unsuitable property, and receives no penalties for refusal.

When two or more applicants have the same banding priority, the applicant who has been on the waiting list the longest has first refusal.

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Need More Help?

The council's Housing Options Team offers face-to-face advice at the Town Hall, 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The team offers realistic advice about housing options on a drop-in basis.

Alternatively, fill in the online Housing Enquiry Form or call the team on (01788) 533375.

Housing Options team

Tel: 01788 533375

Town Hall, Evreux Way, Rugby, CV21 2RR