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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing - Meeting your needs

The council adopts a strategic approach to help achieve its priority to meet the housing needs of residents now and in the future.

Before needs can be met then there needs to be an understanding of what these needs are which will help to ensure that the affordable homes that are built are the homes that are needed and are built in the right location.

In 2013 the council and partners produced a Strategic Housing Market Assessment to aid the development of future policy.

We aim to ensure that the affordable housing built in Rugby is high quality and sustainable. This is why we have selected preferred partner Housing Associations to build and manage new affordable housing stock. Our partners have been selected on the basis of offering both quality and a commitment to the people of Rugby.

The Homes and Communities Agency  provides some helpful information about the range of affordable housing products that are available to help people buy part of their own home. Available properties are advertised through government appointed Homebuy Agents. Orbit is the Homebuy Agent which covers Rugby.

If you have an enquiry about affordable housing issues in Rugby then please contact:

Michelle Dickson - Housing and Community Development Team on 01788 533843

John Hier - Strategic Housing Manager on 01788 533620

For more information about planning policy call the council's development strategy team on (01788) 533758 or email