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Easter bin collection arrangements

If your bins are due to be collected on Good Friday or Easter Monday please present them for collection as normal. Our offices are closed until 9am on Tuesday 22 April.

Check service updates and bin collection days.

Parking in Rugby town centre

Parking enforcement

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Penalty Charge Notices

How much are the Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) and how do I pay?
There are two charges, and the one that applies depends on the contravention that has occurred.

This could be £70.00, discounted to £35.00 if paid within the first 14 days of when the Notice was issued/served, or £50.00, discounted to £25.00 if paid within the first 14 days of when the Notice was issued/served.

I have got a PCN and I think it has been wrongly issued, what can I do?
You can contact the council using the details below. Contact details are also on the back of the Penalty Charge Notice.

  • Our parking appeals team will investigate the case
  • They will contact you with the decision in writing
  • If it hasn't been cancelled and you are still not satisfied, we will tell you how to appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT), this is an independent appeal service whose decision is binding on both parties.

The Process

  1. A Civil Enforcement Officer issues a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) by fixing it to the vehicle or handing it to the driver.
  2. The charge is payable within 28 days, or discounted if paid within 14 days. Payment methods are detailed on the reverse of the PCN.
  3. The PCN can be challenged during the 14 day discount period by writing to Parking Services at Rugby Borough Council. The Council will then respond in writing, either cancelling the PCN, or identifying that there were not proper grounds for cancellation.
  4. If an outstanding discounted charge is not paid within the allowed period, a form called a Notice to Owner will be sent to the person or company believed to be the owner of the vehicle and the full penalty charge will be payable. The owner of the vehicle is liable for payment of the PCN.
  5. Once the owner has received a Notice to Owner, the
    owner has 28 days to make a 'formal' challenge, in writing to Parking Services.
  6. The Notice to Owner form itself details the legal grounds on which this formal representation may be made.
  7. Formal representations are responded to in writing, either cancelling the PCN, or identifying that there were not proper grounds for cancellation, in which case, a 'Notice of Appeal' (enabling an appeal to the independent Parking Adjudicator, TPT) will be included.
  8. Further information may be obtained by visiting

Disabled Blue Badge Holders

Blue badge holders are reminded to park in accordance with the guidance issued with the badge. Please ensure that your badge and clock are displayed correctly when required.

Parking within all marked spaces both on street and off street is free for blue badge holders provided that the badge and clock are correctly displayed.

Such parking is limited to 3 hours on street and also 3 hours in Council Car Parks.

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