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Corporate Strategy

Welcome to the new, streamlined Corporate Strategy that takes us on the next stage of our journey towards the 2026 Vision for Rugby Borough.

The Strategy has been developed through careful analysis of information from a range of sources such as the 2010 State of the Borough Survey, citizens panel consultation and existing strategies such as the Core Strategy, Regeneration Strategy, and the Sustainable Community Strategy.

We have achieved much during the life of the last version of the strategy. Even before the national public debt forced unusually severe economic stringency on us, the council was taking steps to revolutionise the way it operated, so that the purpose of each service was expressed in customer terms, and any activity that did nothing to contribute to this purpose was eliminated. This process is continuing apace, seeking ways to deliver efficient services and save money for the council tax payer.

In some ways, then, the council finds itself stronger and fitter to operate in the new world that faces us. This may be a world where councils have less money, but it is also a world in which councils have greater choice in how they deliver improvements for the borough. It will be possible to do this by working with a range of enterprises in the voluntary, community and private sectors both inside and outside the area.

The council is insistent, however, that it will not renounce its core activities. It still aims to provide value for money 'public realm' services itself - collecting refuse, cleaning the streets, cutting the grass and so on. These are things we are good at, and we even aim to go into new areas of services that we can sell, thereby generating additional income.

We will concentrate resources on regenerating our priority neighbourhoods. At the same time, the town of Rugby faces a period of rapid growth in housing and in employment opportunity, notably at the radio mast site and in the Gateway development area to the north of the town. This will stimulate the town centre and business activity in the whole of the borough. Alongside this growth, we will see new facilities. A new leisure centre and a crematorium are already on the drawing board, and exciting ventures such as the Rugby Festival will come to typify the vibrancy and resourcefulness of the borough's cultural life.

This Strategy sets out the council's priorities to achieve outcomes for people, for business, for the environment, and for how the council operates. All this points to our overall objective: a borough that is Clean, Green and Safe.

Our Operating Principles are to provide:

  1. High-quality services driven by innovation and delivering value for money
  2. Environmentally sustainable developments
  3. Support for services and initiatives delivered through informed and empowered communities
  4. Informed decision-making
  5. Accessible and responsive services that meet customer requirements
  6. Transparent decisions, activities and performance

Together, they will help us to Get things right - first time, every time.