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Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) for Rugby Borough

Rugby Local Strategic Partnership (LSP)

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The Rugby Local Strategic Partnership, often referred to as the LSP, is a partnership of local organisations, including Rugby Borough and Warwickshire County Councils, Public Health, Warwickshire Police, the Clinical Commissioning Group and a range of other organisations from the voluntary, business, and community sectors.

The purpose of the LSP is to coordinate the efforts and resources of local organisations to develop a shared vision for Rugby Borough and to make it a better place in which to live and work or to visit.

Regeneration Strategy

A Rugby Borough Regeneration Strategy has been produced, which provides a framework for regeneration activity in the Borough.

Sustainable Community Strategy

One of the key roles of the LSP is to oversee the development and delivery of the Rugby Sustainable Community Strategy.

This is a strategy that establishes a shared vision for the future of the Borough, based on consultation with local organisations and the wider community.

The current Rugby Sustainable Community Strategy has been developed following extensive consultation with local organisations and the local community and was adopted in June 2009.

LSP Annual reports

Rugby LSP has published its annual report for 2009/10 which provides a summary of its activities and priorities.

Welfare Reform leaflet

A leaflet has been made to promote local organisations helping people to manage their money and lifestyles. This has become more important because of current changes to the benefits system.

The leaflet can be downloaded using the link below. We are encouraging people to print this and make it available in communities. It can also be shared through email to individuals and organisations in Rugby.

The local services included in the leaflet provide help with the following:

  • Housing and benefits advice
  • Reducing and controlling debt
  • Safe and affordable banking
  • Living on a budget
  • Looking for work and experience
  • Computer and Internet access
  • Welfare support

Welfare Reform Leaflet


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