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Your Rent and Money Matters

What to do if your financial circumstances change

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If you receive housing benefit and your financial circumstances change, your housing benefit may be reduced or increased.

If your financial circumstances change, you must contact our benefits team immediately on (01788) 533433 or email

It can take time to adjust your housing benefit claim, which can result in you receiving benefit you're not entitled to. You'll have to repay in full any overpayment in housing benefit. If you have been overpaid housing benefit, you'll receive a letter stating the amount owed and how to repay it.

Universal Credit - are you ready?

Universal Credit has already launched in Rugby. It's a new single benefit payment which currently only applies to newly unemployed single people in Rugby.

But this summer Universal Credit extends to couples and, from autumn, to families.

Universal Credit replaces a number of benefits, including housing benefit. When you receive Universal Credit, you'll need to pay your rent out of your single monthly Universal Credit payment.

In order to receive Universal Credit, you'll need a bank account. To make sure you pay your rent on time, it's a good idea to set up a Direct Debit or standing order from your bank account.

Need help?

If you're concerned about the switch to Universal Credit, we're here to help.

We can offer support and advice on:

  • preparing for and coping with Universal Credit 
  • budgeting advice
  • opening a bank account and setting up a Direct Debit

Contact us on (01788) 533822 or email